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What's under the hood?

The Micrio tech stack

JS Client

The Micrio client is made in vanilla ES6 Javascript, using modern technical powers, such as:

  • WebAssembly and WebGL for high performance rendering
  • Custom Elements using Shadow DOM for good <micr-io> tag integration
  • Svelte for interface rendering

See this Q42 engineering blogpost for the journey of migrating the Micrio client to WebGL and WebAssembly.

For browsers with these features not available, automatic fallbacks are in place. Even MS Internet Explorer 10 still runs Micrio.

The server setup

The Micrio server is setup like this:

  • Written in .NET Core 3.2 (C#)
  • Hosted in Google Cloud
  • Separate image processing servers are running in a scalable linux cluster Image and asset hosting in Google CDN-fronted storage for quick global delivery (with optional AWS / Azure options)
  • The dashboard is made in VueJS
  • Uses Cloudflare Workers for IIIF, Knowledge Base, and viewer components
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