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Can I run Micrio on my own server?

Micrio takes care of all hosting by default. There are a few options to use your own hosting.

Micrio is a cloud hosting product, meaning all data is optimally delivered worldwide to all your visitors, ensuring fast download times and good experiences everywhere.

It's very easy to embed a Micrio project in your own website, and customize it to your likings. This is not what this article is about. Check out Embedding Micrio in your own website on how to do this.

If you want your Micrio projects to not be hosted by Micrio, you can provide your own cloud hosting account for this.

Your own cloud hosting account

If you want to use your own hosting, Micrio Enterprise Accounts can be linked to your own cloud hosting provider. The supported providers are:

  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Azure Storage
  • AWS S3 Storage

For more information on how to do this technically, check out the article Using your own cloud hosting provider.

Hosting Micrio images on your own webserver

There is no support for hosting Micrio content anywhere other than the cloud hosting providers listed above.

Using Micrio in an offline environment

For specific cases, such as providing Micrio experiences in a location which is offline, or offers limited connectivity, there is limited support. Please contact us with your specific questions for this.

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