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This page is about the IIIF Image API. Micrio also is compatible with the IIIF Presentation API.

About IIIF Image API

As taken from https://iiif.io/api/image/3.0/#1-introduction:

The IIIF Image API was designed to facilitate systematic reuse of image resources in digital image repositories maintained by cultural heritage organizations. The API could be adopted by any image repository or service, and can be used to retrieve static images in response to a properly constructed URL.

The IIIF Image API specifies a web service that returns an image in response to a standard HTTP or HTTPS request. The URI can specify the region, size, rotation, quality characteristics and format of the requested image.

Image server

A powerful IIIF feature is their image API specification for servers. This means that any IIIF compatible image viewer (such as OpenSeaDragon, or any of the viewers listed on this IIIF list) can view high resolution tiled images uploaded in Micrio. Also, it's a great standard for delivering straight raw resized, rotated, cropped images for direct use in <img> tags.

This adds tremendous flexibility to your current image infrastructure or preferred viewer:

Using any IIIF compatible image viewer to view images uploaded in and hosted by Micrio:

This is an example of using OpenSeaDragon for viewing a Micrio-uploaded image:

	id: 'openseadragon',
	preserveViewport: true,
	visibilityRatio: 1,
	minZoomLevel: 1,
	defaultZoomLevel: 1,
	tileSources: ['https://iiif.micr.io/dzzLm/info.json'],
	prefixUrl: 'https://openseadragon.github.io/openseadragon/images/'

Results in this (fully zoomable):

Static image operations

If you need a dynamic image resizing service which operates stand-alone from your website, you can easily use Micrio-- it doesn't matter how large the original uploads are-- if you want a specific resized version or cutout, you can use a IIIF API URI to specify the details.

  1. A simple crop

    <img src="https://iiif.micr.io/XOrtH/pct:.25,.25,.1,.1/512,/0/default.jpg" />

    Sample crop

  2. Cutout, rotated, flipped, grayscale, PNG output

    <img src="https://iiif.micr.io/XOrtH/pct:.25,.25,.1,.1/512,/0/gray.png" />

    Sample cropped, flipped, grayscale PNG

Image viewer

The Micrio Javascript client can be transparently used to view existing IIIF-hosted images.

For example, the following uses the University of Princeton image server https://libimages1.princeton.edu/ as IIIF source with the <micr-io>-tag:

A single image

<micr-io id="https://libimages1.princeton.edu/loris/pudl0001%2F4609321%2Fs42%2F00000003.jp2" fullscreen></micr-io>

Results in this (fully zoomable):

A list of images

You can also specify a list of image sources, to be able to quickly navigate through them:

<micr-io fullscreen gallery="https://libimages1.princeton.edu/loris/pudl0001%2F4609321%2Fs42%2F00000001.jp2;https://libimages1.princeton.edu/loris/pudl0001%2F4609321%2Fs42%2F00000002.jp2;

Results in:

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