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What support will I get?

We offer different levels of support

Micrio in itself is the combination of a tool and platform to help you create immersive projects. Over the years, more and more functionality has been added.

Micrio is created by developers, for developers and content creators. This also means we try to provide support to both parties as well as we can. Unfortunately we cannot personally handle all specific questions you might have before creating your account, but we do this on a best effort base. Meaning not all your questions might be answered exactly, and we will refer you to the closest question already answered in our knowledge base.

What support do I have with a Micrio account?

If you have a standard account

  • Full access to Technical documentation and these pages
  • Bug reports have a 2-day response time and are handled per case. If a bug is valid, it will be fixed from our side as soon as possible.

For enterprise accounts

  • A 4-hour introductory workshop will be given (either at once, or split up), explaining how to use Micrio, and to answer any (technical) questions that you might have;
  • You will have (limited) direct developer support. We cannot develop your solutions for you, but we will provide technical support to developers that are using Micrio for your projects;
  • For specific Service Level Agreement (SLA) wishes, please contact us directly for options.

What content creation support do you offer?

We offer tutorials, HOWTO's and example projects in our website to help you use the Micrio dashboard and editor to be able to add your content. This is an ever growing resource, and we are actively working to expand it.

What developer support do you offer?

Based on your account type, we offer limited developer support. As Micrio's client viewer has an extensive Javascript API which is fully documented, we hope you will find your solutions there.

For more advanced practises, or really out there custom work, and if you don't have explicit developer support from us, we advice you to firstly try to develop your solution yourselves. If you really need hands-on support, please contact us with your detailed situation and/or problem, and we can schedule a (paid) limited support call for this.

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