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What makes Micrio unique?

What sets Micrio apart from other platforms / solutions?

There are quite a few web libraries available that allow you to view and zoom through ultra resolution images, and support markers, tours, etc. Micrio is one of them, however created totally from scratch, having its own performance optimized algorithms and unique features such as positional audio and music.

However, what sets Micrio apart the most:

  • It's a full service: not only is it an image viewer, it's also a full server environment that processes your original ultra resolution images (up to 10GP out of the box), provides globally optimized CDN-fronted hosting, has an online editor to enrich the images with markers, tours and audio, and much more.

  • You don't have to be a developer to use it. The Micrio editor is well documented and user friendly, allowing non-developers to create and share or embed their own interactive experiences easily.

So not only is it a solution for viewing ultra resolution images, it also saves you the headaches of processing, annotating and hosting them.

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