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Can I put Micrio behind a login for my visitors?

You can protect your Micrio images in a few ways

Micrio images are unlisted by default

Micrio itself does not provide a login or password in the browser to protect your images. However, Micrio images by themselves have a unique, non-published ID.

It works the same as an unlisted YouTube video: the Micrio image itself will be published nowhere else but inside your own website. So if you work with accounts in your website, you can simply embed the Micrio images in the secure area of your website, and that will be the only place where it is available.

Additional security

In the Micrio dashboard, you can also choose to only make the Micrio images available to your current Micrio organisation's users. This feature is only available for shared organisation accounts (Premium accounts and up). In the dashboard's image overview, select the menu button on the right side of the image you want to make private.

There, select "Make private". This image is now only viewable by accounts that have access to your current Micrio shared group.

However, this is only intended for limited exposure, and we do not recommend adding untrusted users to your Micrio group just to be able to view your protected images.

Setting an image password

For a more straightforward protection, in a shared organisation account, you can also set an individual image password. Click on the context menu icon of your image in the dashboard, and select "Set password". Then, the published image will always ask for a password from all visitors.

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