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Can I pay for one month of Micrio, and then have the image in my site forever?

Micrio is licensed software, and provides all content hosting and delivery to your visitors

It doesn't work this way. The Micrio subscription fee consists of two parts:

  • The software license to be able to use the Micrio infrastructure, dashboard and editor, and viewer client for presentation to your visitors. This license is only active when you have an active Micrio subscription;
  • All hosting and delivery of your images and content is handled by Micrio. If you have a million visitors of your project, your actual usage costs will ofcourse reflect this. Micrio subscriptions come with their own limitations per pricing tier.

So if you've created an interactive image, map, or tour and you want to keep it available to your users, you'll need at least the pricing tier that fits with your needs.

If you are unsure of which tier fits your needs best (perhaps you don't know how many visitors you expect before your project is published), you can start by taking a monthly subscription; you can choose each month to up- or downgrade that, or to stop your subscription altogether.

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