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What browsers does the viewer work on?

The Micrio client viewer fully works on all current mobile and desktop browsers.

Latest version

The latest Micrio client viewer (version 3.0+) fully works on all current mobile and desktop browsers, including:

  • Mozilla Firefox 52+ (2017)
  • Apple Safari 11+ (2017)
  • Google Chrome and Chromium based browsers (new Edge, Brave, Samsung Internet), version 57+ (2017)
  • MS older Edge 16+ (2017)

Compatibility for older browsers

Micrio has a compatibility version for older browsers, Micrio 2.9. If that is required for your visitors. Not all latest features are available, but it supports 2d and 360 imagery, markers, tours, and audio.

If you have specific questions about using this version, please mail us.

This versions still works on:

  • MS Internet Explorer 11
  • Apple Safari 10
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