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Creating and managing projects

Within the Micrio dashboard, you can create as many different projects as you need.

Upgrading your trial project to a paid subscription

When you have finished your trial period and want to start using a paid account, there are several pricing tiers you can choose from.

To choose the fitting needed storage and bandwidth can be tricky. Please refer to this table for some examples.

You can always upgrade existing projects if the chosen version isn't big enough anymore. If you want to play around, just start with the smallest project and see how it goes from there -- you can keep track of the storage and bandwidth usage in the dashboard once the project has been created.

Once you've made your choice, just click "Activate project", walk through the steps and you're done!

Creating a project

NOTE: Multiple projects within an account are only supported in multi-user plans, which comes with a Premium subscription or better.

When you log in to the organisation dashboard for the first time, you will see the following screen:


When you click "Create your first project", you will see a new screen where you can fill in a project name and select which kind of project you want to create.

Project operations

Once you've created a project and return to the dashboard main page, you will see your project cards like this:


There, you can see the current project status, its storage and current monthly bandwidth usage. If you use the button on the top right of the project, you can do several things:

  • Rename: Rename your project
  • Upgrade: Change your project subscription type, or upgrade your trial account into a paid account
  • Delete: This will remove your project. The project and all its underlying images and folders will be permanently deleted. Warning: this cannot be undone!
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