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Creating and managing folders

If you have a lot of images in a project, you can easily arrange them by creating folders.

Creating a folder

In the project view, click the create new folder button, and select "Create new..." to create a folder:


Give the new folder a name, and press Done. Then the new folder is automatically opened, and you can navigate through them using the folder bar at the top of the screen:


Folder operations

When you are inside a folder, click the menu on the top right of the folder view to show the folder operations:


  • Public link: Enable a public folder gallery viewer for all images in this folder, and opens that link.
  • Rename: Rename the current folder.
  • Move folder: Move the folder to another location inside your current project.
  • Delete folder Permanently delete this folder, its child folders, and all the containing images. Warning: this cannot be undone!
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