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Creating a marker tour

Create a story for your viewers

Create a tour

Go to your image, click on MARKERS at the top, then TOURS on the right, then add a new tour.


Adding your markers to a tour

A marker tour is a sequence of markets. Once you've created a , you see all image markers semi-transparent.

Click on the markers you want inside the tour, and you will see that they turn blue with a number and arrows besides them:

Reorganising your tour-steps

The numbers indicate which step inside the marker tour the markers are. You can change the order of individual steps by clicking the < and > buttons next to the marker.

If you want to remove a marker from the tour, simply click on the main marker icon again, and it will be removed.

Marker tour options

In the sidebar, you can specify additional (advanced) marker tour options.

  • Title Set the marker tour title, as it will be displayed in the top menu of the image viewer.
  • Description Set the marker tour description.
  • Scrolling tour Set this marker tour to be a scrolling tour. All marker content will be a single scrollable page, and the camera will fly to the view of the marker content you are currently reading. EXAMPLE.
  • Autostart Start this tour automatically when the image is first opened.
  • Can't exit this tour The user cannot close this tour.
  • Remove this tour Delete this tour by clicking on the icon.
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