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Adding a menu or linking from one image to the next

Linking from one Micrio image or tour to the next

A couple of Micrio projects link from one image to another. There are two ways to do this:

Adding a menu:

This is not a feature in the Micrio editor, but is easily created by a developer.

Collect all the Micrio IDs and the corresponding titles you want to show in the menu. With this, a developer can create a menu with buttons to link to all the images. Additional developer information.

Linking within the image

If you want to add a link within the image, you can use a marker. Do to this:

  • Go to the editor, and click on the marker.
  • In settings click at "Marker is micrio link", and select the Micrio image to link to
  • Then hit publish, and you can check the functionality
  • For added smoothness: Select "Don't Animate" in the Marker settings.
  • Remove the Title of your Marker if you don't want a popup to show up on the second image.

Link to Micrio image

There are several ways to style the marker, in case you want it to look like an arrow for instance. You can

  1. Adjust the marker icon in the settings
  2. Add an arrow image to the "images within main image". and then go to settings and turn on "Embedded images are the marker"
  3. A developer can adjust the marker-image using CSS. For this it's also possible to turn off the "Default styling" in the Main tab for the marker.
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